3.4. lidsconf で使えるオプションは何がありますか?

利用できるオプションを一覧するには、こう入力してください −
bash# lidsconf -h
これによって、以下の出力が返ってきます −
lidsconf version 0.4.1 for the LIDS project
       Huagang Xie <xie@gnuchina.org>
       Philippe Biondi <philippe.biondi@webmotion.net>

Usage: lidsconf -A [-s subject] -o object [-d] [-t from-to] [-i level] -j ACTION
       lidsconf -D [-s file] [-o file] 
       lidsconf -Z
       lidsconf -U
       lidsconf -L [-e]
       lidsconf -P
       lidsconf -v
       lidsconf -[h|H]

       -A,--add To add an entry
       -D,--delete      To delete an entry
       -Z,--zero        To delete all entries 
       -U,--update      To update dev/inode numbers
       -L,--list        To list all entries 
       -P,--passwd      To encrypt a password with RipeMD-160
       -v,--version     To show the version
       -h,--help        To list this help 
       -H,--morehelp    To list this help with CAP/SOCKET name

subject: -s,--subject subj
       can be any program, must be a file
object: -o,--object [obj]
       can be a file, directory or Capability, Socket Name
ACTION: -j,--jump
       DENY     deny access
       READONLY read only
       APPEND   append only
       WRITE    writable
       GRANT    grant capability to subject
       IGNORE   ignore any permissions set on this object
       DISABLE  disable some extersion feature
      -d,--domain       The object is an EXEC Domain
      -i,--inheritance Inheritance level
      -t,--time Time dependency
      -e,--extended     Extended list