Frequently Asked Questions to the Webmasters

These are common questions and their answers to us (Webmasters of

I want to have a permission to make a link to this site. can be linked freely. There is no need to have such permissions. Take a look at about link if you want some more. Please note that contents can be modified, moved or even deleted at any time without notice.
I sent a message to e-mail address but I have no answer. What's wrong?
We have various e-mails every day, among them we do not reply to following kind of messages. We try to reply to every requests or comments about this site after dealing with them, but there can be an error or fault. If you don't have a reply in a week or so, we do appreciate it if you gave us another message about it.
Who receives my message sent to the address ?
A voluntary group "Webmasters" receives them.
I want this site to have a link to my site.
Send a message to Webmasters about your recommending site. They may appear in various places according to their subjects and contents.
I want to know about JLA (Japan Linux Association).
Please send message to the address listed above.
I have a plan to introduce this site on books or papers.
Yes, it's O.K. We all love to see it. Also we do appreciate it if you tell us (Webmasters) about it.
There I want to use a screen shot of this site.
Yes you can. Please note that as this site utilizes CSS1, we recommend you to use browsers which understands it (.. and Japanese, of course. :).
I want to send the paper to Webmasters with this site is on .
Thank you. .. but as Webmasters is a network-linked voluntary group, there exists no fixed physical mail box. So please consult about this matter to the address
I'm looking for a writer or speaker about Linux.
As "Webmasters" is for a management and maintenance of the site, we do not offer such services. Besides, in case the subject concerns about this site or ourselves (Webmasters), we would like to deal it:-). Please send message to Webmasters about it.

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