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What is JLUG?

JLUG (Japan Linux Users Group) is a non-commercial user group which consists of both Linux users in Japan and Japanese Linux users.

What is JLUG team?

Our team consists of the JLUG members who are interested in the RC5-64 contest. Because the JLUG has a few official computers, the key rate performance of our team is due to contributions from the computers which individual members own. We execute the rc564 program under the Linux system, M$ Windows, MacOS, Solaris, and so on. Because the key rate of individual member is NOT so large (some join us using Intel DX2 MPU!), a lot of people may join the contest as a member of the team.

What is RC5 Cracking ?

It is a contest of cracking ciphered text. RSA Data Security that owns RC5 patents is holding this contest to examine the strength of the RC5 security.

Ciphered text by RC5 must be resistant against cracking. So, you can not get the key if you just have the ciphered text. But, you can get the key by trying ALL available pattern of keys can't you ? (Of course you need a lot of guts.)
The key length of RC5-64 is 64 bits. So we have 2^64 candidates of the key. It is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 in decimal. My computer (Pentium 100MHz) can try 120,000 patterns per second only. So, I need 150,000,000,000,000 seconds (4,874,520 years). It means impossible (That's why this ciphered text is considered safe).

OK, then, how about cracking with my colleagues ? This is a grand project that cracking with thousands of computers. We need your power. Come to join us !

Contest ? How much is the prize ?

Whole the prize from RSA Data Security is $10,000. Among this prize, the group that will discover the key will get $1,000, Bovine who developed the client program we (JLUG team) use will get $1,000, and Gutenberg Project which tries to distribute as many public domain books and documents in electric form will get $8,000.

If the JLUG team will discover the key, we will contribute this prize to JLUG. There may be good chance that JLUG team will discover the key, because it is one of the top group teams. It is you that make our team as one of the top teams. Thank you for your cooperation !

How to join JLUG team ? Is it difficult ?

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is my computer ? Is it fast or slow ?

Here is result of the benchmark test reported to this mailing list.

You can easily check the performance of your computer by typing 'rc564 -benchmark'. Try yourself.

How is our current rank ?

You can see it here. Notice that you can not see it while the business hours of this server.


Jul.14.2000 12:00 JLUG team is ranked 12th ! We changed the design of this page.

Nov.6.1997 23:00 Opening of this page. JLUG team is ranked around 100th.

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