Linux related projects in Japan

Here is an incomplete list of various projects related to Linux or open source movement in Japan. As the actual activities of these projects reside in mailing lists in many cases, how to join these projects are also shown along with each description. Besides, please refer to the web pages managed by each projects.

Also, please take a look at about various departments of Japan Linux Association.



Doc-CD project's objective is to collect informations posted to various mailing lists and documents produced in the JF, or JM projects, to press them to a cd-rom with search method, and to distribute such documents among Linux users in Japan.

Doc-CD project was started as a voluntary movement by the members of JLUG (Japan Linux Users Group, the origin of JLA). It is one of the departments of JLA now. Please refer to about JLA Doc-CD department for some more.


JF (Japanese FAQ) project is for translating, writing and distributing various Linux-related documents. For some more details, Linux related documents or What is Linux JF Project? are available.

The project is working on JF-ML. An applicant for membership can take application steps by him(or her)self by referring JF-ML.


The aim of JM project is to translate Linux software manuals to Japanese and distribute them with browsing method. You can find about JM project also at Linux related document.

jman-ML is the place where JM activities reside. To get in touch with the project, send a message to For those who want to adjoin the mailing list, send a message to with a body text of one word "guide". You will have a guidance for application as a reply.

For X Window System programs, there exists X Japanese Documentation Project, which comes from JM and FreeBSD jpman project.

Debian JP

This is a project to provide internationalized (formerly Japanese) environment of Debian GNU/Linux distribution. To join the project, send a message with body text of subscribe LastName FirstName to the address You will get an introduction message as a reply.

There exist some sub-projects, Japanese Debian Documentation Project debian-doc ML, which is to translate or write documents for Debian GNU/Linux, and debian-www ML which translates or managing Send a message to (for debian-doc ML), (for debian-www ML) with a body text of subscribe LastName FirstName just like debian-devel mailing list case. You will get an introduction message for reply as like.

Software Map

This is a project to create a place where software informations available in Linux are presented. Send a message to Ogochan (OGOSHI Masami, to join this project.

Project BLUE

This project's objective is to support those who want to use Linux in business. For example, sharing technical tips setting up Linux systems, or social tips persuading your client or boss.

The detailed activities of Project BLUE (e.g. mailing lists) can be found at Project BLUE.


JLUG team attends to RC5 Cracking Contest which is a cryptography cracking contest with global mobilization of computers. If you have a free computer (especially CPU) resources, join us!

Here are application method, mailing lists information referred by JLUG RC5 Cracking Effort.


LKH-Jp (Linux Kernel Hack Japan) is a project to provide Japanese documents for those who want to hack Linux kernel. To join this project, send an e-mail with body text of only "subscribe YOUR_NAME" to address You will have a reply message with application procedure included.

Kernel compile problems are not for this project. For such cases, Linux Users mailing list exists.

There is no web site of this project now, will be made in advance :).

Tips Project

This project aims at sharing Linux (or UNIX) related tips found in daily computing life, not for Q & A type documents.

Newcomers are always welcome. We have text and indexes for "fortune" command.

Linux Seminar

This is a seminar for beginners and ex-beginners (not for experts) to study and utilize Linux as a computing environment. Major subjects are interesting application programs or related subjects.

There is a party after seminar, having various kind of delightful talks.

Project Silicon Linux

Making a Linux distribution for embedded systems which is bootable from ROM is the objective of this project. The outcome is supposed to be carried in compact flash RAM, capable of running with 5-20MBytes of disk and 32MBytes of core memory where RT-Linux kernel is employed. You can find an application method for mailing list of this project at the site listed in headline.

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